photo by Abigail Wang

Our Student Leaders

Publisher: Dheeraj K. Jalluri | Editor-In-Chief: Joy Cui

The Pitt Pulse is comprised of the following departments: Editorial, Art and Design, Public Relations, Fundraising, and Distribution. Departments work both individually and cohesively to produce a high quality publication. 

The Editorial Department includes Staff Writers and Assistant Editors. Staff Writers write articles on a health, medical, or science topic of their choosing. Assistant Editors edit articles and provide guidance to their assigned Staff Writers under guidance of the Editor-In-Chief.

The Art and Design Department designs logos, flyers, and the layout of the publication. This department is led by the Art Director: Sarah Burns

The Public Relations Department publicizes all aspects of The Pitt Pulse through presentations, social media, etc. This department is led by the PR Coordinators: Julia Lee & Rajiv Reddy.

The Fundraising Department raises funds for the printing of the magazine and costs of events. This department is led by the Business Managers: Jenna Frawley & Nikhil Srinivasan.

The Distribution Department distributes hard copies of The Pitt Pulse to various locations on and off campus. This department is led by the Distribution Coordinator: Jill McDonnell.

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