Our Student Leaders

Publisher: Helen richard | Editor-In-Chief: Ana driscoll

The Pitt Pulse is comprised of the following departments: Editorial, Art and Design, Public Relations, Fundraising, and Distribution. Departments work both individually and cohesively to produce a high quality publication. 

The Editorial Department includes Staff Writers and Assistant Editors. Staff Writers write articles on a health, medical, or science topic of their choosing. Assistant Editors edit articles and provide guidance to their assigned Staff Writers under guidance of the Editor-In-Chief.

The Art and Design Department designs logos, flyers, and the layout of the publication. This department is led by the Art Directors: Matthew Stoss & Meghan Carlton

The Radio Department interviews expert guests and hosts a roundtable discussion on recent news stories. This department is led by the Radio Directors: Anjana Murali Elle Kruczek

The Public Relations Department publicizes all aspects of The Pitt Pulse through presentations, social media, etc. This department is led by the PR Coordinator: Ripal Sheth.

The Fundraising Department raises funds for the printing of the magazine and costs of events. This department is led by the Business Managers: Jenni Faust.

The Distribution Department distributes hard copies of The Pitt Pulse to various locations on and off campus. This department is led by the Distribution Coordinator: Mahima Naini.

Assistant Editors

Alyce Palko
Austin Kuntz 
Bailey Sasseville 
Cassidy Power
Jasmine Pabla 
Jesse Kaminsky
Michaela Schreyer (Fall 2018) 
Muhammad Feroze (Fall 2018)


Helen Richard

Year: Senior

Major: Film Studies

As someone who is passionate about STEM, but is no longer pursuing a degree in it, being involved with The Pitt Pulse(TPP) is a way for me to stay up to date with new developments and findings in those fields. Furthermore, the goal of TPPreally resonates with me because I believe that for more people to fall in love with science, they need to find it more approachable. Additionally, I think there is an ever-growing need to bridge the divide between STEM and the humanities, which TPP does through promoting collaboration between the two.

A fun fact about me is that I spent a semester in London and I also visited Spain, Italy, Ireland, and Scotland while I was abroad!


Ana Driscoll

Year: Junior

Major: Bioinformatics

I am very passionate about both science and the humanities, but feel that we often approach them as completely separate from each other. Therefore, I appreciate The Pitt Pulse's interdisciplinary perspective - science intersects with politics, social issues and even art. Working for The Pitt Pulse allows me to combine my interests in both science and writing in order to make science more approachable from a layman's perspective. I am able to play a small part in bridging the gap between the often inaccessible world of science and the general public. Outside of the magazine, you can find me spending all my money on Dunkin' iced coffee.


Matthew Stoss

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

My role at the Pitt Pulse is visual design, which I believe is important because an interesting magazine layout gets people from all backgrounds reading about science. A fun fact about me is that I've lived in 10 different states growing up as a military brat.


Meghan Carlton

Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Scientific discussion is important to me, because it leads to progress that can bring change reaching from social reforms to medical breakthroughs. Art is specifically important in the conversation, because it can help better the understanding of an Idea and reach a wider audience. My goal before graduation is to explore all of Pittsburgh's best coffee shops.


Jenni Faust

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science

I find science writing important, because it peaks my interest in certain topics and allows me to garner knowledge about the natural world. One fun fact about me is that I love chocolate chip mint ice cream.


Ripal Sheth

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Being able to communicate science to the general public is an invaluable skill in order to best convey new research and ideas that are presented to the scientific community. As a part of the scientific community and also being politically active, it's so important to understand the cross-disciplinary relationship between science and policy decisions, and how proper conveyance of scientific information can greatly impact what decisions are made. Fun Fact: I am from the Chicagoland area! 


Mahima Naini

Year: Junior

Majors: Neuroscience and Anthropology

Being surrounded by people in the pre-health field my entire life, I came to enjoy learning about the intricacies of everything that is science that's around us. To be able to communicate that through writing and make people more aware of this fact is pretty incredible to me. A fun fact about me is that I can speak two languages fluently and I can understand two additional languages.


Anjana Murali

Year: Senior

Majors: Anthropology, Psychology, Pre-med

Science writing is important for me because it makes the esoteric world of science more accessible (and interesting!) for my non-science friends and family. Fun fact: My pinky finger was chopped off when I was 4 years old and had to be sewn back on.


Ellen Kruzcek

Year: Junior

Major: Biology, Creative Writing & Philosophy minors

Science and writing are the same in a way: both clarify, engage, and explain the world. Together they can only enhance each other! Fun Fact: I’m an advanced open water scuba diver!