Who We Are

The Pitt Pulse was founded in 2010. Initially, The Pitt Pulse catered primarily to pre­health undergraduates. The publication provided advice on academics, clinical experiences, and standardized testing from a student perspective.  In order to break the barrier between science information and the general public and to expand their audience, The Pitt Pulse has shifted its focus towards covering intriguing and relevant science and medical issues – from fascinating Neuroscience research on Pitt’s campus to the effects of the Affordable Care Act to malaria’s impact in many African countries.

Over the past two years, The Pitt Pulse has made efforts to promote the intersection of art and science. With the implementation of a thorough editing and design process, The Pitt Pulse has produced high quality writing with an infusion of artistic creativity.

Today, The Pitt Pulse is no longer just a magazine. The creation of The Pitt Pulse Presents radio show and the introduction of The Pitt Pulse video channel has allowed The Pitt Pulse to become Pitt’s one and only student-run science multimedia platform. This website was created to bring all of these forms of media together: We invite you to Read our latest articles, Listen to lively discussion of science topics, and Watch news roundups and talks on relevant issues.

Our Mission

  • Providing a platform for individuals to explore and share a health, science, or medical topic that they are passionate about
  • Fostering professional growth by allowing students to not only learn science, but to teach it to others through their own research and writing
  • Breaking barriers between science and the public by sharing accessible news on local, national, and global health, science, and medical issues
  • Promoting the fusion of art and science by incorporating creative and lively layout design with high quality science writing